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Global Perspectives is a five-credit, integrated program that challenges students to adventure outside their comfort zone, and see the world in a new light. To get into the program, grade 10 students must apply, be interviewed, and then accepted. The five courses taught are four grade 11 university level courses (Music, English, Religion, Politics) and one grade 12  university level course (World Issues). Students in Global spend two and half months in the classroom and one and half months travelling abroad with their classmates. They stay in Cuba for two weeks in April and Germany for the month of June.


The program was created in 1999 by Dave Morrison, a now retired school teacher, whose goal was to find a way to enhance students learning, and allow them to widen their global perspective. Mr. Morrison spent a lot of time working on the curriculum of the program and he found that integrating the course work during the semester was the best way for students gain the most benefit from the program. Morrison used his connections to set up the travel aspect of the program, and the final result was an all encompassing program that allows students to learn lots about themselves, and the world around them.


Global is a very challenging program, as it compresses the content of five courses into two and a half months of schooling. Students are assigned many stimulating projects in each course that pertain to the individual courses. In addition to these projects, students are tasked with much larger projects that encompass the course content of all the courses in global. The work is challenging, and compels students to think deeply about tough-to-swallow topics that are studied throughout the course.


As well as in class work, students also learn about the different cultures of places where they travel. In Cuba, the Globalites are paired with Cuban University Students from the University of Matanzas. They make friendships with the Cuban students, and they learn about Cuban culture. The Cubans teach them about many Cuban traditions and activities such as dancing and singing. Before the second semester of action-packed fun, global begins in September when German exchange-students come and stay in Canada for a month at the houses of the students. Eight months later, the Germans host the Canadians for the month of June. Canadian students learn about German culture, and form lifelong friendships with their German counterparts.


Global is a life-changing experience that teaches today’s youth about the many issues that exist in the world. Many friendships are formed by the students and they learn valuable lessons, that are not all taught in the classroom. The class of 2018 is extremely thankful for this amazing experience, and would like to extend a special expression of our gratitude to our parents who enabled us to have this enriching, wholesome experience.

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